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  • hey Chris. it feels strange to actually make contact after all this time, but I’ve been using your tab sites for about a decade now, particularly the R.E.M. and Lemonheads stuff. when I was first starting out on guitar, having this stuff readily available was a HUGE help so I gotta give you some credit there. Thanks!

  • Ditto, but for me it was the Big Star stuff. I was in a band not long ago whose website featured a section for the members to list their favorite links. I had a link to your old Big Star page with a note that I’d “never met Chris Bray but in a sense he taught me to play guitar.’

    Look me up if you’re ever in San Diego.

  • I’m with Chuck.

    You were (are) the only source on the interwebs for Jellyfish (an awesome, awesome group) chords for guitar.

    I now play the ukulele and have been looking up some chords to transpose some various stuff and today, lo and behold, there’s an REM chord from none other than yourself.

    I’d hate to think I’ve gone all this time admiring your work without having never posted my appreciation.

  • All I can do is echo the above, but using your REM chord archive and, later on, the Lemonheads one taught me more about playing guitar than any teacher or friend. Been using it for almost a decade now. Thanks so much for keeping it up, and awesome work!

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