looks like the domains kxua.com and kxua883.com are now pointing over to stationlog.com. it looks like they didn’t renew ! OOOPS which is weird because the whois information says that it doesn’t expire until Jan 28 2006: Registrar Name….: Register.com Registrar Whois…: whois.register.com Registrar Homepage: http://www.register.com Domain Name: KXUA.COM Created on…………..: Sun, Jan 28, 2001… Read More

Maybe she’ll get boo’d off stage just like on the Superbowl ! In just 12 years, Walton Arts Center has positioned itself as one of the country’s leading arts and entertainment venues, attracting leading artists, attractions and entertainers from around the world… Ashlee Simpson Oct 29, 2005 8:00 PM $60, $50, $45, $40 Series: Special… Read More

Bikes, Blues, BBQ, & Belly Dancers Emelia’s Kitchen – Dickson Street – Fayetteville, AR Performances on the hour and half hour Sept 29 -Thursday 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm Dancing: Lena & Angela Sept 30 – Friday 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm Dancing: Lena & April Oct 1- Saturday Noon to 2:00pm Dancing: April &… Read More

Ravi Shankar and company were absolutely amazing. The show started off with Anoushka on Sitar, along with two percussionists, a violinist, flute, 2 singers, and some other musicians, and they just played and played and played… the audience was swaying to the eastern rhythmns and everyone just seemed happy. intermission. It’s rare that you see… Read More

just saw this on pollstar: Mon 10/10/05 The Gossip Clunk Record Store list of upcoming interesting shows in the ville: 09/07/05 Bowling for Soup @ the Music Hall 09/20/05 Michale Graves of the Misfits @ the Music Hall 09/22/05 The Bravery @ Univ. Of Arkansas 09/27/05 Built To Spill @ Dickson Theater 10/01/05 Blue Oyster… Read More

Some Highlights of the Fayetteville Arts Fest for Saturday: Short Film Festival, 9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m., $10.00, Continuing Education Building (2 E. Center St.), Tickets available at the door. Short films (under 40-minutes) from around the country will be presented. The audience will choose one “Best in Show” film to receive $1,000. Film enthusiasts… Read More