Teenage Kicks!

(Taken from NME, 12/16/95 Issue, Page 5)

[NME Picture #2]
Teenage Fanclub have struck a sponsorship deal with their local Sunday league football team Birkenshaw Atlantic.
The deal, worth nearly £1,000, was struck because of links between the band and their former sound engineer Paul Chisholm, a keen footballer.
Chisholm told NME: "I mentioned the idea of sponsoring the team to Gerry Love (the Fanclub's bassist) who, being the top lad he is, said he'd try and help out. A lot of musicians up here disappear up their own arse when they make it but Teenage Fanclub are a bit different."
TFC are now considering other measures for the Birkenshaw ground.
Norman Blake told NME: "Now I am here I can see lots of oppportunities like Portakabins for Alan McGee (Creation boss) and other blocks of business types."
Team captain James Johnstone said: "The logo has attracted a lot of attention. All the players think it's cool. It's better than having the local greengrocer on our chests."
However, staff at Birkenshaw's local pub, the Windmill Tavern, are less sure. Yvonne Lindsey, pub manager, said: "I've heard of them but I'm not a great fan. I'm more of the Curtis Stigers and Michael Bolton type."