Teenage Fanclub
Geffen Grand Prix Press Release

April 10, 1995


Enclosed please find a copy of Grand Prix, the new album from Glasgow, Scotland's Teenage Fanclub. Scheduled to be released on June 4, Grand Prix is the Fanclub's fourth album overall and third for DGC Records.
Grand Prix was produced by David Bianco, who has previously worked with the likes of The Pixies and Tom Petty, and contains thirteen guitar pop soon-to-be classics. Teenage Fanclub recorded its latest effort at The Manor, the legendary English castle turned recording studio, in late sumrner/early fall of 1994. In fact, Grand Prix was the last album to be made at The Manor, and it's a perfect sendoff: the familiar Fanclub harmonies, chugging guitar riffs, and plaintive lyricism.
There is, however, something that will strike the hardcore Teenage Fanclub devotee as different about eight seconds into "About You," the album's opening track. It's the drums. Grand Prix features new drummer Paul Quinn, a longtime friend of the band and former member of The Boy Hairdressers, a pre-TFC group in which guitarists/vocalists Norman Blake and Raymond McGinley also played. Rounded out by bassist/vocalist Gerry Love, the (Grand Prix-era Teenage Fanclub proves itself a tight, focused unit. Take a listen to "Sparky's Dream," "Discolite," "I Gotta Know," or for that matter any other song on the album and prepare to be dazzled.
Please give Grand Prix a listen and let me know what you think. Teenage Fanclub is available for interviews and we'll have great new photos available soon.