Recorded at our home studio. Mixed by Shalom Aberle at Arcadia Studios.

Rob Aldridge - Lead Vocal
Tim Smith - Acoustic Guitar, Harmony Vocal
Roger Manning - Piano, Keyboards

Lyrics from:
Arena waits for you and still you stand in solo
No you'll never know
the pathway to obsessions not a chosen road
Standing in my way, you are thatador

Ooo Rescue me
The only way I'll leave is if you rescue me
No the atmosphere is breathing down my neck 
and yet you close the door
So rescue me before I suffer
nothing matters more

Oh did you know
Your a superstar for status quo
Oooo didn't you know
That you aren't made of gold

Wait for me
this love slows me to face reality
No you'll never know
a cape for such obsessions not a chosen road
So rescue me before I suffer
Rescue me before I suffer aoh...