The Middle of Monday

Recorded & mixed at Southern Tracks with Russ Fowler.

Tim Smith - Lead Vocal, Acoustic Guitar
Rob Aldridge - Harmony Vocal
Roger Manning - Keyboards, Drum Program
Eric Dover - Electric Guitar

Lyrics from:
This one's for you
A song for you 
Just right now 
ya don't know it

It's just a few things I should say
Before the day comes that I'm gone. 
You would open your eyes and find no love like mine.
No one is ever ever gonna take me from you. 

So don't turn around
make a sound
I'm peaceful when your sleepin', I
want you to know this minute, I 
I'm so caught up in it
The middle of the day when all we do is play around
Everybody always wishes this is where they'll be found

I'm Happy to stay in the middle of Monday 
where everything feels so much better
A typical doomsday lighted by Special K
This sun is gonna shine all over me now.

I'll guard your door
Lead the way
Walkin' straight into Monday
The path is lit by twinkling ala's in the skies
But I keep us in flotation
As as his tender embrace give me a gracious reflection
No one is ever ever gonna take me from you. 


When the moon parades Fat Tuesdays face & now
When Ash Wednesday will taste only the crumbs of these Monday’s

Tick Tock it goes
Tuesday comes
& it's time to kiss the sun
Cast a shadow of myself
on the wall and Monday's gone
and when you close your eyes you will dream of love and bravery
No one is ever ever gonna take it from you.

Chorus 1st time, first three lines only
Chorus 2nd Time, last line three times