Union Umbrella

Recorded & mixed at Nickle & Dime Studios with Don McCollister.

Rob Aldridge - Lead Vocal
Tim Smith - Harmony Vocal, Acoustic Guitar, Bass
Eric Dover - Electric Guitar
Danny Howes - Electric Guitar
Travis McNabb - Drums, Percussion

Lyrics by: Bradford MacLeod and Tiger *
   Under my union umbrella
   I'm the king of sleeping
   Wipe my eyes with my thumbs
   And I see the world is weeping

   Peel me
   Another grape
   Pour me all the wine that I can drink

   Make a place
   At the table
   Serve me up a reason
   I can('t?) taste no bitter taste

    And I wake up ev'ry day
    Cause in the shade I've got it made
    As the sun is shining down
    Upon the union...

   Give me
   All requests
   Oh, open up your arms so I can rest
   Answer me the questions
   And my soul is laid to rest

    All the world
    Is standing tall
    You take them in
    You take them all
    Yes you do

    When You made
    The lemonade
    That's on your chin
    The day begins for you

    So love lives
    Buried with the luxury
    ????? me....