Teenage Fanclub Mailing List

I've recently set up a Teenage Fanclub mailing list on the net...
To join, just send email to:


with this in the body of the message (The subject doesn't matter):

SUB TFC-L Firstname Lastname

where Firstname is your first name and Lastname is your lastname. (You may think I'm typing down to you, but I'm not...Some people don't get this right...)

What's the purpose of this list? To discuss Teenage Fanclub, side projects, collaborations, and related bands...
And the occasional discussion of musicians/bands with the same type of vibe is fine too.

After you subscribe, why not drop a note to the list telling about yourself, and other stuff...
Some administrivia:

A few other notes to clear up any questions:

I hope to see you on the list. Bye bye bye!